Global Game Jam 2018

The Global Game Jam 2018 will take place from January 26th to 28th. It is an exciting opportunity to join a team close to where you live and create a game in just a couple of days.

Game Jam locations are popping up all around the world, including in Japan. CRI Middleware is happy to announce that we will host a team in our offices in Shibuya, Tokyo. So join us for 2 days of game development extravaganza!

And of course, if you are planning on using Unity to develop your game, ADX2 UP is the perfect choice of middleware for your game audio implementation!

It brings all the features you can expect of a professional game audio middleware such as interactive music, complex sonic behaviors and randomization, mixing, auto-ducking and more, plus a seamless integration with Unity, at a tiny price ($99US).

Give it a try and happy jamming!

Global Game Jam Official page

Global Game Jam CRI Shibuya location

ADX2 UP in the Unity Asset Store