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    I’m trying to modify each volume of SE or BGM in the ‘preview mode’, but I can’t find a way to know how many clips played in the game now and which clips I can adjust. The problem is I can’t see the whole picture of mixer that contain every track of sounds, the only thing I can do is memorizing the sounds which played in the game, and find them to modify the volume.

    So what if there’s a way to solve my problem, or just there’s no other way in the Atom Craft, please help me, thanks!


    CRIWARE support

    Indeed, the mixer will not display every individual sound being played back as there may be hundreds. Instead, it displays the busses to which these sounds are sent. A convenient way to prepare your mixing is to assign similar types of sounds (dialogue, background music, explosions etc…) to Categories and then adjust the volumes of these Categories. Alternatively, the Profiler can also show you exactly what Cues are being played at any given time.

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