ADX2 unity plugin


AtomCraft is ADX2’s authoring tool. It offers many ways to implement immersive game audio in Unity using Cues. The Cues that are triggered by the game engine can have different types, including sequential, polyphonic and random playback. Audio files are inserted very intuitively on a Cue’s timeline, as it would be in regular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

Many parameters, such as filters or envelopes, can be adjusted for each Cue or even each waveform.

These parameters can also be controlled by automation curves or by AISACs in real-time during the game.

Cues can use different techniques, such as the blocks system, to easily implement interactive music.

The mixer and its DSP effects allow you to balance and enrich the overall sound of the game.

It is possible to precisely define the characteristics of the sound sources that will then be placed in your Unity scene and offer 3D audio positioning.

The in-game preview and profiling features of ADX2 allow you to test and optimize the audio implementation of your game.

Thanks to its high-quality, blazing-fast audio codecs, ADX2 delivers the best immersive audio while saving precious CPU cycles!